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Our Mission: to spread knowledge & awareness of effective martial arts systems in order to promote Self Defense, Self Improvement & Self Actualization.

Located in Bogart, Georgia (just 10 short minutes from Athens), Megalodon Gym offers the world’s most effective martial arts combination under one roof.

We are family owned & operated by the Baynes Family.


The combination of  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA has been proven to be the absolute best fighting system on the planet. Our amateur and professional fighters have gone on to win titles in each of their sports and weight classes, which demonstrates the high quality of instruction and training that is provided at Megalodon MMA.


Megalodon offers instruction for people of all levels of fitness and experience. Everyone from amateur and professional 

fighters to the first time visitors train at Megalodon.


Training at Megalodon will provide you with the tools to achieve all of your fitness goals. Whether you want to be a fighter, learn self defense, or just to get in shape our instructors have the skills to get you where you want to be.

P.O.S.T Certified Defensive Tactics Instruction

Megalodon is the only martial arts gym in the Athens / Watkinsville area with a POST Certified Defensive Tactics instructor on staff. The only gym that can teach ground fighting for Law Enforcement, "Use of Force," and Tactical Handcuffing.

Our POST Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor can explain: 
-Federal law regarding Use of Force for officers
-State law regarding UOF for officers
-(in detail) Why each move taught is backed up by Federal case law as legal and justifiable 

Full time instructor at Georgia Public Safety Training Center for 8+ years.  Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement Instructor for 15 years.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable source for any of the topics above, Megalodon is the place for you.

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