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Pankration is an ancient martial art which mixes wrestling and boxing. It can be traced back to ancient Greece.  In 648 BC, Pankration was introduced as an event in the Olympic Games.  It was placed in a boxing and wrestling category called “heavy events.” This specific event was reserved for the best athletes with the greatest strength and stamina. When Pankration left the Olympics in 1896 it was a crowd favorite.  The Olympics are currently sponsoring Pankration events in an interest to bring the event back to the Games in the future.

Megalodon was introduced to Pankration when one of our fighters, Madeline Schellman, was selected to be a part of Team USA at the World Combat Games sponsored by the Olympic Committee in 2023.  She was invited by GAMMA, short for the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts. The World Combat Games is an international multi-sport event that combines elite competitions, ancient traditions, and a festival atmosphere. The venue for the 2023 games was the King Saud University Sports Arena in Riyah, Saudi Arabia. It is the 2nd largest Olympic hosted event for Combat Sports outside of the full Olympic Games itself.  Madeline was very successful at the event bringing the Gold Medal back to Megalodon Gym!

At Megalodon, Pankration is taught in multiple dimensions.  We use a combination of striking and grappling under the unique rule set to give our fighters an advantage in this fast growing Olympic sport.

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